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Welcome to our family-owned mexican food and taco truck, where we serve the most delicious birria tacos in town. Our recipe is a family secret that we take pride in. Truly authentic Mexican food that has been taught and passed down from our Mom, the genius of the food, who comes from Guerrero, Mexico.

We are a close-knit family who loves making food for our community. Our hometown and the surrounding areas have always been special to us, and we feel privileged to be able to serve them with our mouth-watering Birria.

Our Family Story

Mexican Food cooked by the Tacos La Flama Family

Words from one of the co-owners: Michael

The whole idea of us opening a mexican food restaurant or a truck had always been something that we all as a family would think of doing for years. It was always just a conversation on how cool it would be to do but we never actually did it. We all believed that our mom’s cooking was something that needed to be shared with everyone and not just us. Until one day I wanted our Mom to make us a very popular taco that was going around called “Quesabirria”. I took a picture of it, uploaded it on Facebook, and the rest was history. I started to sell them from home until we decided to finally do it the right way, so we bought a trailer and began to build our own food truck. It was hard work but with the help of my brother and father we got it done, set our opening date, and now we are proudly serving our hometown Kenosha and other surrounding areas. We believe that food is a universal language that can bring people of all cultures and backgrounds together, and we have seen this firsthand through our loyal customers who come back time and time again.

Why Choose Us?

Mexican Food Made Right

Our homemade meixcan food and Birria is made with fresh ingredients, and we take great care in preparing each and every taco with love and attention to detail. What makes our tacos stand out is not only the delicious taste, but the memories and experiences that come with it. We love seeing the smiles on our customers’ faces as they take their first bite of our birria tacos and share stories with their loved ones. 

We believe that good food should be accessible to everyone, which is why we keep our prices affordable while still maintaining the quality of our ingredients. We are committed to providing our customers with an authentic and memorable dining experience every time they visit our truck.

Thank you for choosing our taco truck, and we hope to continue serving our community with our homemade birria tacos for years to come.

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Where did birria tacos originate

Birria tacos is a mexican food that originated in the Mexican state of Jalisco, particularly in the city of Guadalajara.

    What does the word “birria” mean?

    The word “birria” comes from the Spanish word “borrego”, which means “lamb”, although beef and goat are commonly used as well.

    How are birria tacos made?

    Birria tacos are made using meat that has been marinated with various herbs and spices, then slow-cooked until tender and flavorful. The meat is typically served in a crispy corn tortilla, along with diced onions, chopped cilantro, and a squeeze of lime.

    What is “tacos de consomé”?

    “Tacos de consomé” is a popular variation of birria tacos that includes a bowl of savory broth made from the cooking juices of the meat.

    Where have birria tacos gained popularity in recent years?

    Birria tacos have gained popularity in recent years in the United States, particularly in cities with large Mexican-American populations like Los Angeles and Chicago.

    Have restaurants put their own spin on the classic birria taco recipe?

    Yes, some restaurants have put their own spin on the classic recipe by offering “birria-style” dishes, such as birria ramen or birria grilled cheese.

    Have birria tacos been part of your family business for a long time?

    Yes, birria tacos have been in our family for along time .

      Is making birria tacos a labor-intensive process?

      Most mexican food tends to be labor intensive. Making birria tacos is a dish that can be a labor-intensive process, with the meat needing to marinate for several hours or even overnight, and then cooked for several more hours until it is tender and falls off the bone.

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